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Deep Plate Set


1616 / S&B “Colour Porcelain” Design: Scholten & Baijings

Based on extensive research on Arita ceramics and an analysis of historical local masterpieces, Scholten & Baijings created a series named Colour Porcelain. Typical Japanese colours, such as aquarelle-blue, light green, red-orange and ochre, are recontextualised and applied in new combinations on a set of contemporary, highly functional tableware that in its entirety still reflect the typical Arita colour spectrum.

Layered colour compositions are carried out in various textures and shades of glaze and are combined with the natural white of the porcelain itself. Made with a delicate sense for local crafts and industry, Colour Porcelain shows an original European perspective on Japanese tradition.

Material: porcelain 
φ12.8× H 2 cm
φ17.5× H 2.5 cm
φ22.8 × H 3 cm
φ27.8 × H 3.4 cm
Dishwasher, microwave safe

Made in Arita, Japan

Please choose 70 cm 'Furoshiki' for gift wrapping. 

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